Made to order custom made jewellery, custom diamond rings & custom jewellery design in Toronto, Canada.

The private jewellery designer and jewellery craftsman take pride in their art, relying on their superior expertise to create outstanding customized jewellery that will reflect your personality and emotions. It is the dream of every woman to own a diamond engagement ring, perhaps on the occasion of marriage or engagement. We produce unique and gorgeous custom made rings, which are sure to please women. Our jewellery craftsman, make use of the highest quality and finest materials and gems to produce engagement rings, stunning custom designed jewellery guaranteed to raise heartbeats and endure for a long time to come. While making custom made rings, our designers take utmost care to see that they are infused with your eloquent and artistic attributes for custom engagement ring and which will inspire and mesmerize all those who lay eyes upon this custom made jewellery. You can sit with a jewellery designer and create your own special order jewellery. Subsequently you can be in control of what’s happening with your custom made jewellery,- you can come and see the wax model of your future custom made ring and if needed request changes made to it free of charge before it went to casting and got finished into a platinum or white gold engagement ring. The studio is located in Toronto, Canada and was founded in 2005 by a professional jeweller, model maker & designer. Why order from us, is that you can get custom-made, special order jewellery items of excellent quality and craftsmanship cheaper and faster than if you were to order them via a jewellery store. Usually when you need a special ring made, you go to a special order jewellery studio. You can get copied your existing diamond engagement ring, you’ve lost, remodel your old worn out custom engagement ring or an earring and have it look exactly how it looked when it was brand new. You can order an exact copy of a custom diamond jewellery you saw elsewhere. It will have everything exactly the same, from design to the quality of diamonds but it will cost much less than anywhere else. Internet and our company give you the possibility and opportunity to by pass the expensive jewellery store. The price & quality of your jewelry is in your hands.

Diamond engagement rings in Toronto and custom handcrafted jewellery at the private jewellery studio. Bridal jewelry at its best!

No one else in the world will have this custom made jewellery. No more comparing diamond size, let her show off her custom diamond ring, custom created just for her. Jewelers specialize in providing unique and classically designed, Toronto jewellery. We have been providing custom handcrafted jewelry and unique jewelry design to the Canadian clients for fifteen years and have a long history of custom jewellery design made with the highest craftsmanship. Featuring our own made-to-order jewellery, and one of the finest custom jewellery designer in the region, we are capable of designing and creating your very own custom jewelry design, designed and created in one Toronto location. Handcrafted custom made jewellery makes a bold fashion statement and sets the wearer apart from the crowd. Unique artisan jewelry is the perfect special order jewellery gift because it always has special meaning to the person who wears it. A custom made ring or pendant is unique and there is nothing like it in the world. Custom made jewellery can make the unique pendant or ring you want using your custom jewellery design ideas. Custom made jewellery can be created using yellow or white gold or sterling silver or platinum. Any gemstones you wish, including your own, can be used in your custom made jewellery design. Think of all the possibilities for the made-to-order jewellery! The Toronto jewellery designer works closely with you to make your custom ring, pendant or pin design a reality. Your custom-made jewellery is hand carved in wax and then cast in the precious metal of your choice. This ancient jewelry making process is called lost wax casting. Price estimates for all custom jewellery projects are free. A sketch can be made of your custom jewellery design for your approval. We will send you picture updates of your handmade jewelry. Some examples of the types of hand-made jewellery that can be made include sports championship rings, company logo jewelry, diamond bridal jewelry, sterling silver rings, charms or pendants and unique custom class rings. You can have custom wedding jewellery made including diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. To see, custom jewellery pictures and wax models go the the "gallery" page. Can you image celebrating your uniqueness by commissioning a custom made jewellery piece? An individualistic, stylish, beautiful design that was created with you in mind - that will set you apart and create special memories. Well, we can make your dream turn into reality with our custom made jewellery. It would give us great pleasure to guide and assist you in creating that singular piece of special order jewellery, tailor made to your exact requirements for engagement ring and tastes.

Unique luxury jewellery,- Jewelry Exclusives site.  This is the site to visit if you want to order the unique jewelry items: - only limited editions, always one of a kind. Also you might want to visit Oleg’s site: . Other sites that specialize in custom made unique, luxury jewelry in Toronto area: , . Another model maker’s site: and .  Unique jewelry: or the mirror site: . Sculpting sites:  , .  Jewellery maker in Toronto: ,, . Spiritual, religious virgin dating marriage matrimony.

Custom Made Jewellery- Special order jewelry studio in Toronto, Canada. Custom-made diamond and engagement rings.

The Toronto private jewellery studio design and produce custom-made, special order jewellery items of excellent quality. Ordering custom made jewellery is the best way to go if you want unique luxury jewellery. We specialize in fine special order jewellery featuring delicate diamond engagement rings designs, making the custom-made jewellery stand out. Engagement rings are done by the jewellery craftsman, a professional toronto jeweller, who specialize in high quality hand made jewellery in Toronto. One of a kind jewellery, made with passion, reflect glamour of custom made jewellery made by the jewelley maker in Toronto area with fifteen years of experience. Clients usually order diamond engagement rings because they want their unique luxury jewellery to be made by a skillful Toronto area craftsman making special order diamond jewellery for private Toronto clients, since the private clients tend to order private jewelry designs from the skilled private jeweller. Ordering unique, handcrafted, custom made jewelry gives you the pleasure of creating with custom jewellery designer your own, singular piece of hand made jewellery that will become a part of your unique personality. The custom jewellery designer or the private jewelry designer give you the opportunity to bring your own emotions and desires to Canadian life in custom wedding jewellery designed by talented jewellery designer just for you. Not only will your personal, Ontarian custom handcrafted jewellery be a unique representation of you, it will also give you an art, a made-to-order jewellery, that you will be proud to pass down as a special order jewellery through the generations. Custom made jewelry comes in many levels and prices ranges. From the most one of a kind jewellery assembled, to lost wax castings, to the high end luxury jewellery. Here we are capable of providing you with the unique handcrafted jewelry that you desire at the price level you are comfortable with to have custom bridal jewellery made in Tioronto. We can create a new piece of custommade jewelry using your diamonds, Canadian diamonds, emeralds, rubies, or other gemstones, or we can provide those diamond engagement rings for you using our long standing relationships with our private jeweller, who is also a private jewellery designer. We can also take your old, custom diamond jewellery, and use it to create a new engagement rings that you will be proud to wear every day. What is important to us is not where your custom-made jewelry come from, as well as inspiration to create a beautiful piece of custom platinum, gold, or custom diamond jewellery that shows off your personality. Every woman is unique and she deserves to have a unique engagement ring. With just a little planning and time we can help you provide her with the ultimate custom engagement ring.

  Welcome! Our jewellery company oriented to design and produce custom-made, special order jewellery items. We specialize in custom-made diamond engagement rings and bridal jewellery as well as fine jewellery featuring intricate, delicate designs demanding superb craftsmanship and skills to produce. We provide our clients and customers with excellent quality, unique luxury jewelry.
We work with award winning craftsmen and talented jewellers that create true masterpieces for our clients.